Yo Mama Jokes / Fat and Ugly as Hell

Yo Mama so fat that George Lucas invited her to play DJABA in the next episode.

Yo Mama so fat that every diet commercial want her to play the "how not to eat" example and asking the audience - " You definitely don't wanna look like this, right?'

Yo Mama so ugly they invited her to play in the incoming Godzila episode. The director gladly said -'' She is perfect for the role besides she's naturally  BOLD anyway!"

Yo Mama is so fat when she met The Most Fattest Man on Earth , she asked him -'' Are you using some sort of new diet?'

Everyone in the city knows Yo Mama is the ugliest person around, that's why they often want to borrow her to scare their new neighbours on Helloween.

3 Response to "Yo Mama Jokes / Fat and Ugly as Hell"

  1. YoJokes says:

    Yo mama's so ugly her shadow gave up

    Ramstein says:

    Yo mama's so ugly people at the Zoo pay cash so they DON't have to see her...

    Legolas says:


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