Jokes / "Wish you all the best"

There was a wife and husband out golfing one day. The husband wasn't a very good player and the wife was an accomplished player. Whenever the husband hit a bad shot, the wife would laugh and make fun of his plight. On one hole, he swung mightily at his drive, producing a huge slice which sailed into dense woods. Wearily, he trudged into the woods to retrieve his ball, followed by the laughter and smart remarks from his wife.

The husband searched for about ten minutes for his ball. He was about to give up when he spied it about ten feet in front of him, resting up against what looked like an old oil lamp. Curious, he picked up the lamp and gave it a quick rub against his pant leg. Instantly, a plume of smoke erupted from the lamp. A moment later, a genie stood in front of him.

"Oh Master," the genie entoned, "You have released me from a thousand years of captivity in the lamp. To show my gratitude, I will grant you three wishes."

"OK," replied the flabbergasted husband.

"There is a catch; however." the genie continued. "Whatever wish I grant you, I must also grant to your wife a hundred times over."

Thinking for a minute, the husband agreed.

"My first wish," he said, "Is to be the greatest golfer in the world."

The genie agreed, but reminded him that his wife would be a hundred times greater than him. His wish was granted.

"For my second wish," he said," I want ten million dollars."

"Done," said the genie, "But you realize that your wife now has a hundred times that amount."

"Now," the genie said, "What is your final wish."

"A mild heart attack"

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