Funny Pictures / Funny World OF Warcraft Pictures (Don't miss:)

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8 Response to "Funny Pictures / Funny World OF Warcraft Pictures (Don't miss:)"

  1. Steve says:

    2 level 85 wizards and a noob, hah this was funny. This guy the noob is Peter Jackson right?

    Rogue says:

    Mount Invincible.. omg that guy must be really stupid.

    Gandalf says:

    are u a male virgin lolol this pic showing google result rocks haha

    the pic with the shoes is amazing.. I lol'd :))))

    two level 85 wizzards and a noob is my pic of the day hah

    wow gold says:

    damn that's really bad respown :]

    the female elfs are damn good. I'll take em ;)

    The only two i like are the blood elves, but i've seen better at Blizzcon and the bad respawn haha.... so true in the new expansions, especially in Cataclysm.

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