Funny Pictures / Chuck Norris Was Here!

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10 Response to "Funny Pictures / Chuck Norris Was Here!"

  1. invisible chuck norris? haha this one is good

    Chuck is a legend! I wonder what he thinks about all these funny Chuck stories, facts and pics about him :)))

    Bruce Lee says:

    Bruce Lee is better anyway =D

    Santa says:

    bruce lee sucks, dude..

    Chuck says:

    Chuck Norris pooped here, nice xD

    Loyd says:

    Chuck Norris invented time machine. He killed all dinosaurs...with one kick!

    lol pics says:

    Chuck Norris can beat you all..with one hand!

    Dahni says:

    Heh the traffic mess pic is hilarious

    Anonymous says:

    Jessus can walk on water but chuck norris csn swim on dry land

    sana butt says:

    Funny pictures

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