Jokes / "Eat this and you will go wild..!"

A guy walks into the pharmacy and says to the pharmacist, "I have three girls coming over tonight! I have never had three girls at once. I need something to keep me horny, and keep me potent."
The pharmacist reaches under the counter and removes a brown box with an "X" on it. "Here," said the pharmacist. "If you eat this you'll go wild and nuts."
"Great!" the guy says. "Give me three of them."
The next day the guy comes back into the pharmacy. He drops his pants and the pharmacist looks in horror at the guys penis. It's black and blue, and the skin is hanging off of it.
"That "X" stuff was great, but now I need some Ben-Gay," the guy shouted.
"You're not going to put Ben-Gay on that are you?" asked the pharmacist.
"Hell no." was the reply. "It's for my arms. The girls never showed up."

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