Jokes / A father of...

A father of 3 teen-aged daughters answered the doorbell, and a young
man was standing there. "Yes?" said the father.

The young man said, "Hi, my name is Eddie, I've come to pick up
Betty; we're going out for spaghetti, is she ready?" "Sure," said
the proud pop.

A few minutes later, father answered the door a second time. The
young man, standing there with a box of candy, said, "Hi, my name is
Joe, I've come to pick up Flo, we're going to the show, is she ready
to go?" "Sure," said Pop.

Settling back in the easy chair, the doorbell rang a third time. On
answering the door, the young man standing there began, "Hi, my name
is Chuck..." "Get the hell outta here!" pop yelled.

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