Jokes / Chinese English

Approach me   (Kum Hia)
Stupid Fellow   (Dum Gai)
Small Horse      (Tai Ni Poni)
Prices are too high here  (No Bai Dam Ting)
Miami vacationing agreed with you  (Ya Mai Ti Tan)
I bumped into a coffee table   (Ai Bang Mi Ni)
Have you considered a face lift?     (Chin Tu Fat)
Are you harboring a fugitive?      (Hu Yu Hai Ding?)
You try saving electricity      (Wai So Dim?)
Unauthorized execution      (Lin Ching)
Inquiry to determine if bus is due     (Hao Long Wei Ting?)
Plaything belonging to ancient emperor      (Ming Toy)
You're blowing your diet         (Wai Yu Mun Ching?)
Keep out of the pond          (Noh Wei Ding)
Don't you know anything by Cole Porter?      (Wai You sing Dum Song)
You are not so bright     (Yu So Dum)
I have a press pass      (Ai No Pei)
Remain out of sight       (Lei Lo)
Cleaning automobile    (Wa Shing Cah)
Did someone fertilize the field?      (Hu Flung Dung?)
Your body odor is offensive    (Shu Man Go)
They are approaching    (Hia Dei Kum)

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