Jokes / Funny polar bear jokes


One day a baby polar bear step in front his mother with a confused expression on his face and says, "Mom? Am I a polar bear?"
"Well of course my dear!"
The baby polar bear replied, "Are u sure I'm not a panda bear or a black bear?"
"Sure you’re not. Now run outside and play."
But the baby polar bear is still confused so he approaches his father.
And asks, "Dad, I a polar bear?"
"Sure you are son!" the papa polar bear gruffly replies.
The baby polar bear continues, "I don't have any grizzly bear or Koala bear in my bloodlines?"
"Nope son. I'm a polar bear, your mother is a polar bear, and you too are one 100% purebred polar bear!! Why in the world do you ask?"
"Cause I'm freezing my BUTT off!!"


Why do bears have fur coats ?
Because they'd look stupid in anoraks !

Why shouldn't you take a bear to the zoo ?
Because they'd rather go to the cinema !

What kind of money do polar bears use ?
Ice lolly !

How do you start a teddy bear race ?
Ready, teddy, go !



A polar bear walks into a bar and says "I'd like a Gin ............................. and tonic please".

The barman asks "What's with the big pause?"

To which the bear replies "I don't know, I've always had them".

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